URSA Receives DLC Certification

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DLC Certification

LED lighting manufacturer URSA Lighting has announced that the Design Lights Consortium® (DLC) has listed its Helios lighting fixtures now making them approved for several utility rebates available throughout North America. The Helios LED fixtures are capable of replacing metal halide fixtures with remarkable efficacy ratings delivering exceptional performance and boasting a large reduction in energy costs.

“ DLC certification is recognized throughout North America as the standard for outdoor lighting products ”

The DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) is a non-profit organization, facilitating high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products serving the commercial lighting sector. Having DLC certification helps companies produce improved energy efficiency standards by identifying and verifying only the highest-performing products.

In order to be successfully listed with DLC, lighting fixtures are tested in accordance with light output in lumens, wattage, efficacy, CRI, and CCT. Thermal stress testing is also presented for DLC qualification. By reviewing the numbers for a particular lighting product, and comparing products, customers can make an informed choice as to which luminaires will serve their needs from a technical perspective.

The Helios fixtures offer superior thermal management due to the state-of-the-art fan and heatsink technology utilizing various alloys. Comprised of a solid aluminum column, the unibody cold forged heat sink utilizes patented forging fit technology for fin insertion while allowing maximum thermal heat dissipation. The lens assembly contains domed glass lenses with a high transparency rate for minimal obstruction of the lumen output. The sealing gasket achieves the protection rating of IP 65/66 to protect against diverse environmental conditions.

URSA Lighting is dedicated to the development of affordable, long-lasting and environmentally friendly LED lighting solutions. As a subsidiary of Cofan USA, they leverage over 30 years of experience in thermal management while utilizing a revolutionary 3-pad flip chip design creating LED products that are not only beautifully designed, but decreasing your energy costs by up to 70%. URSA Lighting also offers lighting design, engineering services, and lighting simulations. For more information, visit http://www.ursalighting.com.

URSA exists to serve the lighting world, providing innovative solutions through our core platforms. As a subsidiary of Cofan USA, we leverage their 30 years of experience in thermal management and combine that with our revolutionary 3-pad flip chip design to create LED products that are beautifully designed and will lower your energy costs by up to 70%. Our vision is set on changing the thermal industry, creating a new standard in efficiency and affordability.

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