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Part 1: Which Wavelengths do Chlorophylls Absorb?

In order to choose the best light for growing your plants, it’s essential to understand which wavelengths of light are required for normal plant growth.  Plants are experts at capturing light energy and converting it into sugars through the process … Continue Reading
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Horticultural Lighting 101

Selecting the best horticultural lighting for indoor grows, greenhouses and plant research can seem daunting, especially when you’re just starting out. While it’s important to choose the most practical horticultural lighting, there are tonnes of options, and several factors you … Continue Reading
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URSA Receives DLC Certification

DLC Certification LED lighting manufacturer URSA Lighting has announced that the Design Lights Consortium® (DLC) has listed its Helios lighting fixtures now making them approved for several utility rebates available throughout North America. The Helios LED fixtures are capable of … Continue Reading
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