Prisons + Military Bases

Convention Centers

Prisons and military bases require consistent and uniform lighting and a high lumen output for optimized visibility, and the efficiency to keep lighting costs as low as possible.

Ursa’s Helios series is perfectly suited to prison and military base applications, due to our great visibility, high lumen output, and superb beam uniformity for a safe and even lighting experience.


Helios 600


Helios 320


Ursa’s evenly distributed luminance provides uniform lighting conditions, allowing a productive and efficient working environment.


Ursa offers a product lineup with up to 1200W and an astonishing 120,000 lm of luminous flux output, providing enhanced visibility to allow operations to run as smoothly as possible.


Ursa’s advanced 3-pad flip chip technology offers unbeatable lighting efficiency, achieving a luminous efficacy as high as 130 lm/W.


Ursa’s optics department, consisting of PhDs and opto/ electro engineers, has been continuously improving our lenses and reflectors to achieve the highest beam uniformity and prevent shadowing. This helps eliminate the concern for accidents and ensure safety and security on site.