Architectural Facade + Accent Lighting

Architectural facade and accent lighting requires optimized
color temperature, light intensity, fixture placement, safety
and efficiency.

Ursa’s Helios series has been widely used for architectural facade and accent lighting due to its optimized color temperature designed specifically for exterior spaces, efficient 3-pad flip chips and safety thanks to its superior beam uniformity.



Ursa’s Helios series provides the ideal color temperatures for architectural facade and accent lighting ranging from 3000K to 5000K. Depending on the design and type of the building, Ursa will help you create a cold but elegant atmosphere or provide a warmer glow on the yellow side of the color spectrum.


Our innovative 3-pad flip chip design significantly reduces thermal resistance and increases luminous efficacy to as high as 130 lm/W.


Ursa offers a product line up with up to 1200W and an astonishing 120,000 lm of luminous flux output that will leave any competitor in the dust. When it comes to the size of the building we can handle, only the sky’s the limit.


Ursa’s optics department consisting of PhDs and opto/electro engineers has been continuously improving our lenses and reflectors to achieve the highest beam uniformity and to prevent shadowing. This will eliminate the potential concern for accidents or crime-related events and ensure safety and security.