Case Study Documents

We've Worked with Great Companies

URSA Lighting has implemented lighting solutions in many facilities, including both general lighting and horticultural lighting.


We’ve found effective solutions for sports facilities, such as Oshawa Civic Pool, Penn State Recreation Facility, and Boreal Mountain Resort. URSA has also outfitted convention centers, resorts, and other workplaces.


More interested in our horticultural lighting products? Our LEDs are great for supplemental greenhouse lighting, such as the Chicago Botanic Garden, and are popular among cannabis growers like Dutch Passion and AgroMechanix.


Full, downloadable, PDFs of the case study documents are available below for each project.

Verdant rock garden and plants

San Diego Convention Center

Purple Frost Genetics

Port Hueneme



Kenworth - Oshawa

Boreal Ski Resort


Dutch Passion

Chicago Botanic Garden