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Boreal Mountain Resort is a beautiful ski hill on Donner Summit in Northern California. In operation for 53 years, the resort boasts scenic mountain views, terrific trails, and the best night riding around. In order to ensure the best conditions for their skiers, Boreal Mountain Resort wanted to begin retrofitting their 1000 W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights with an LED lighting solution. They came to URSA LED for help finding the right lighting for their unique needs.

A lighting solution that would provide bright, even lighting, thereby ensuring optimal safety


One of the primary requirements of Boreal Mountain Resort’s lighting upgrade was the ability to reuse existing infrastructure. Boreal wanted a plug-and-play lighting solution that wouldn’t require any new power installations. Additionally, to accommodate their unique environment, Boreal needed a lighting solution that would provide bright, even lighting, thereby ensuring optimal safety for their skiers and snowboarders. For the best night riding around, you need the best night lighting around.


URSA’s solution was to replace Boreal’s existing 1000 W HPS lamps with several LEDs from URSA’s Helios series: Helios 320, Helios 185, and Helios 240. These LEDs integrated seamlessly with Boreal’s existing infrastructure; unlike other LEDs they considered, URSA’s Helios series offered a true plug-and-play solution for the mountain resort.


Since first trying URSA’s lighting solution, Boreal Mountain Resort has now upgraded all of their lighting to URSA LEDs. Both the staff and skiers of the resort love the bight, clean, and clear lighting that Helios provides, and can use it to safely navigate the trails. And, because of URSA’s advanced 3-pad flip chip, URSA LEDs offer unmatched efficiency that can cut down on Boreal’s lighting costs.

Another benefit of the URSA solution, as noted by Boreal Mountain Resort’s staff, is the instant turn-on of the LEDs. Nestled in the mountains, Boreal is used to regular power failures. Boreal’s previous HPS lamps required a lengthy warm-up period after the power returned, with the light slow to return. Now, with URSA’s Helios LEDs, the light is back on the instant the power is.

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