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Verdant is a New York-based landscaping design studio that integrates a passion for the visual arts with a deep knowledge of horticulture to create unique and natural spatial experiences. Verdant’s recent project is the Enclosed Forest at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, in which they’re working to convert an old 4800 square foot ship hangar into a revitalized and natural space for offices and manufacturing facilities.

To tackle the Enclosed Forest, Verdant needed just the right lighting solution. URSA was tasked with providing the right lighting to suit the natural and organic aesthetic of the Enclosed Forest.


In order to provide the right atmosphere for the Enclosed Forest, Verdant wanted the lighting to be as non-intrusive as possible. This meant that the lights needed to be placed high up and out of view, which required a high wattage and intensity to ensure optimum plant growth and visibility.

Providing the right lighting to suit the natural and organic aesthetic

Verdant rock garden


URSA’s solution for the Enclosed Garden was to use 35 Helios 600 LEDs. The Helios 600 series is designed for large spaces like factories, warehouses, and ship hangars, with a powerful 600 W output that delivers a record high total light flux. With its high wattage and intensity, the Helios 600 can discreetly provide the visibility and intensity needed for the Enclosed Garden while preserving it’s natural atmosphere.

Verdant rock garden and plants


Despite the high wattage and intensity of Helios 600 LEDs, URSA’s advanced 3-pad flip chip technology reduces thermal resistance to provide URSA LEDs with unparalleled efficiency. That means that all 4800 square feet of the enclosed Forest can be beautifully lit without sacrificing the efficiency of its lighting solution.

Verdant and their Enclosed Forest client were extremely happy with the URSA solution, both for the appearance and performance of the Helios 600 LEDs. With their sharp eye for beauty and attention to detail, Verdant needed a lighting solution that wouldn’t compromise their vision for the Enclosed Forest—and the URSA Helios 600 series was just what they were looking for.

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