Ports + Airports

Port and airport lighting systems require great visibility and beam uniformity to prevent runway collisions or ship docking accidents. Efficiency is also extremely important, as the high wattage requirement will lead to a substantial amount of
energy savings if efficient lighting is utilized. Finally, port lighting needs to be durable enough to withstand harsh and salty conditions.

Ursa’s Helios series offers the world’s finest and most
powerful specialized lighting systems for ports and airports,
with state of the art innovations and unbeatable quality.



Ursa’s evenly distributed luminance provides uniform lighting conditions, substantially increasing worker productivity and performance.


Ursa offers a product lineup with up to 1200W and an astonishing 120,000 lm of luminous flux output. The high level of lumen output compensates for the shadows
created by port equipment to reduce operating costs and increase productivity.


Our innovative 3-pad flip chip design significantly reduces thermal resistance and increases luminous efficacy to as high as 130 lm/W, resulting in reduced operating costs.


Our ruggedized light fixtures are designed to withstand the harsh conditions faced in a salty port environment.